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About Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is used to exchange health information across the internet. It uses the standards form made by the healthcare standards organization Health Level Seven International (HL7). It is an API that can be accessed for any healthcare practitioner to access, store, and exchange their work’s data anywhere. It aims to make it easier for healthcare providers and patients to receive healthcare information in all kinds of devices. Moreover, it could easily integrate that information with various healthcare applications. It is developed in an open and public environment in order to create inclusiveness in healthcare fields.

SID Indonesia has adopted FHIR in their health projects to ensure the quality and the accessibility of their findings. Aside from using FHIR, SID also received a mandate from HL7, as an international non-profit organization of standard development for health, to create a curriculum for FHIR training for Developers and Non-Developers alike. 

HL7 also granted 20 scholarships for members to join the FHIR Fundamental Course, as the understanding of FHIR is a very important goal before the implementation. In turn, SID will collaborate with partners in the future to organize workshops on FHIR for developers and non-developers alike. It is to ensure the knowledge will be passed on to others in the community.

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