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What We Do

1. We design innovative integrated approaches for large scale randomized trials and programs and implement and analyze the impact of these novel interventions. We focus on interventions to improve maternal and child health, nutrition, cognitive development, and health system function.


2. We develop mobile platforms for information systems to assist front line workers to use real-time data to improve health and development.


3. We design and carry out large scale surveys of households, communities and health facilities. These leverage our expertise in real-time and adaptive information systems and mobile platforms.


4. We conduct qualitative research such as formative research, focus groups, Rapid Rural Appraisal, and direct observations to design and assess interventions and improve health and development programs. We co-create novel programs for health and development in collaboration with local and national government and help shape policy.


5. We develop public health and early childhood curricula in Indonesia. We provide scholarships to highly motivated and intelligent individuals for master’s and doctoral degrees and support non-degree training in health-related fields to create public health professionals who utilize evidence-based decision making and catalyze action.

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