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SID was in Universitas Indonesia

On August 9th, SID, represented by Inraini Syah and Yusran Lubis, presented material on implementation, opportunities, and challenges of using OpenSRP in a mini-seminar titled “The Role of Early Life Nutrition in Children and Adults Cognitive”.

This mini-seminar was held at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Indonesia, which was attended by FKUI S2 and S3 students as well as from several communities in the health sector. As the moderator for this seminar was Dr. Anuraj Shankar from Oxford University.

Besides SID, the speaker at the mini-seminar was Elizabeth L Prado, Ph.D., who came from UC Davis, USA. The speaker from the University of Indonesia as the organizer, namely Dr. Davrina Rianda and Dr. Rina Agustina, MSc, Ph.D. Dr. Rina is the Chair of the Human Nutrition Research Center of the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute and Head for the Doctorate Study Program – Research Coordinator of the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

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