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344 North Lombok People Receive Health Services at the Collaborative Social Service Event of the Uni

On Sunday (2/10/2022), the Summit Institute for Development team together with the Mataram University Medical Faculty team and other partners took part in the 60th Anniversary of the University of Mataram.

The series of Dies Natalis activities this time includes health services for the community consisting of general health services and services by specialists, including obstetrics and gynecology and free ultrasound for pregnant women. No less than 344 people received services, 89 of whom had access to free ultrasonography services by obstetricians and gynecologists.

On the agenda, the SID-trained team also screened for hypertension in pregnancy using an optical-based blood pressure measuring platform called OptiBP. With the increasing amount of scientific evidence and with the registration of OptiBP in Indonesia, it is hoped that OptiBP can be used in the context of basic services both by health workers, non-health workers (cadres) and pregnant women themselves considering that hypertension in pregnancy is still one of the highest causes of maternal mortality in Indonesia and globally.

In addition to participating in screening activities using OptiBP, a team of facilitators from SID consisting of nutritionists, midwives and psychologists helps pregnant women gain knowledge and support related to pregnancy, breastfeeding and mental health.

The University of Mataram will generally continue the great collaboration in order to make a significant and sustainable contribution to the improvement of public health in Lombok and in Indonesia.

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