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5 Keys to Deal With Corona COVID-19

Positive cases of COVID-19 and mortality rates due to COVID-19 are increasing sharply and causing panic. The increase in positive cases reaches up to more than 100 people every day, along with the death rate that never settles or decreases. The panic that occurred in the community, can be reduced if we understand more about how to prevent it. Here are 5 easy keys to dealing with COVID-19.

1. Hand

It all starts with your hand. Hands that are always clean will keep us from viruses that want to enter the body. Always keep your hands clean, wash your hands often, especially after handling public objects that are held by people, such as door handles, chair disclaimers, ladder handles and etc.

2. Elbow

The best way to prevent droplets or salivary fluid coming out from the mouth when sneezing or coughing is to cover our mouth with the elbow. Why? Because if we cover it with our bare hands, then the liquid sticks to an object, potentially transmitting the coronavirus, even though there are no symptoms.

3. Face

The front part of our body is really important to maintain because it acts as a portal entry of the viruses into the body. Avoid touching our face such as eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible, especially if you have not washed your hands or hands are not clean.

4. Distance

If maintaining personal hygiene has been done, the next step is to ensure the condition of others. We never know whether other people do the same thing to prevent themselves from COVID-19 or not. So keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter from other people when leaving the house or deciding to stay at home is the right step to avoid yourself from the possibility of contracting this new virus. Take advantage of technology and benefits which have been given by superiors or schools.

5. Symptoms

All the effort has been done, from hygiene and self and family habits. But the virus never chooses whom to infect. Recognize the symptoms in our body, such as feeling unwell, sore throat, and breathing difficulty. If you experience mild symptoms, immediately recover with frequent drinking water, consume healthy food along with supplements, and consult your health to an online doctor’s consultation platform. You will receive guidance from the doctor about what to do. If the symptoms are getting worse, accompanied by a history of other diseases, do not delay to immediately go to the COVID-19 referral hospital.

Always take care of your health. Make the World free from Corona!

Writer : Ardina Ulya Editor : Irza Husmelinda, Iqmi Qaisah Ali, M. Billy Ryan Putra, Translator: Mazidatun Maftukhah

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