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Enlivening the Launching of ILP, SID Becomes the Main Partner of the Indonesian Ministry of Health

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The arrival of the Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin enlivened the Primary Services Consortium booth where the Summit Institute for Development (SID), ThinkWell Institute, and other partners joined together in the Launching of Primary Services Integration (ILP). The majority of participants who came from Health Services throughout Indonesia and other partners were very enthusiastic about visiting the booth, indicating their curiosity about the implementation of primary service transformation.

Visit of the Minister of Health to the SID Booth

Today, 31th August 2023, the National Launching of Integration of Primary Services and Strengthening of Health Development Planning took place, with the slogan "Strong primary health services, healthy communities", The event was held at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Convention Jakarta Center.

Mrs. Yuni (Head of SID) and the consortium partners are presenting the activities of SID and the PHC consortium to the Minister of Health and his staff

Mrs. Yuni (Leader of SID) with dr. Ellya Dinkes at Pidie District

The SID booth was also visited by health activists throughout Indonesia who were very interested in the Primary Health Care Consortium, including dr. Ellya from the Pidie District Health Office was visited by SID last Tuesday (29/08/2023) in Pidie in order to discuss opportunities for further collaboration in supporting team-based services (team-based care), digital health transformation with the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) exchange standard and its impact assessment.

The Heads of the East Lombok District Health Office, the Wonosobo District Health Office, the West Sumbawa District Health Office, colleagues from Papua and other regions in Indonesia are also very enthusiastic about moving forward in welcoming the implementation of ILP with digital transformation as one of its pillars.

The SID and Digital Transformation Office-Pusdatin, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia is working to finalize the FHIR Implementation Guide for Indonesia. So that it can become a national reference for realizing an ecosystem of data exchange from community to primary services, and to referral services.

In the consortium, the SID's and main partner’s role is to assess district digital readiness and create a roadmap with partners in the region to further implement good practice service packages that can bring health facilities closer, carry out team-based care services with a life cycle approach and that the most important thing is the use of data for action with the existence of local area monitoring dashboards that can be accessed by the village level and the smaller units below. The impact of this intervention will be further analyzed so that it can be followed up with continuous improvements.

ILP at a glance…

ILP National Launching at JIEXPO Convention Center Jakarta

The Ministry of Health revived promotional and preventive programs in primary care to improve public health in accordance with the transformation of the health system. At the Webinar Series 1 event, Deputy Minister of Health, Prof. Dante Saksono Harbuwono, conveyed the importance of transforming primary services in the six pillars. Primary service integration includes the life cycle, service network, and local area monitoring.

This primary health transformation is expected to bring positive changes in the provision of more focused and comprehensive health services for the community, through collaboration and a sustainable approach.

Togetherness of the SID Team at the Primary Health Care (PHC) Consortium Booth

The valuable experience during the event was experienced by the SID team, which provided an opportunity for SID to be known by the general public. Mrs. Yuni as the leader of SID emphasized to the partners who visited the consortium booth, that SID works closely with partners from various levels with the main objective of providing benefits to the community. SID as a local organization continues to uphold the quality of programs implemented with partners to achieve global standards. SID is open to opportunities for collaboration with partners throughout Indonesia.

"The launching event was very memorable as a moment to disseminate SID's agenda with partners so that it can be recognized more widely by various health stakeholders both at the national and sub-national levels (provincial and district/city)". Said Edward Sutanto as SID's NextGen Project Lead

Isca Amanda also added as an expert in the field of Health Informatics SID, that an in-depth introduction regarding FHIR is needed, especially for partners who do not have a technical (IT) background. This is important so that we can jointly accelerate digital transformation in primary services by using the FHIR data exchange standard. Therefore, the FHIR curriculum for non-developers and its assessments are being developed by SID and will be launched soon to help increase the capacity of all parties involved in the digital health transformation agenda in this country.

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