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In Loving Memory of Beth

Elizabeth L. Prado, Ph.D., also we called “Ibu Beth” was a scientist at UC Davis, CA, whose research interests encompassed various aspects, including caregiving, health, and their influence on child development, particularly in low-resource settings. Her focus involved evaluating programs and policies aimed at supporting children to attain their developmental potential, alongside conducting cross-cultural developmental and cognitive assessments. Ibu Beth's research work has significantly contributed to the field of health.

Her dedication to aiding the developmental processes of children and expectant mothers in Lombok was motivated by these interests. Additionally, Ibu Beth held the esteemed positions of being a SID Board member and one of the founding members of SID.

After bravely battling cancer for nearly a year, Ibu Beth drew her last breath on October 31, 2023.

"In the vast expanse of her legacy, let us pray that God forgives her sins, granting her eternal peace and tranquility. Ibu Beth, a beacon of brilliance, a scientist, and a profound thinker whose contributions illuminated the path of knowledge and betterment for all. Her absence leaves a void that resonates deeply, eternally missed, yet her impact remains as an everlasting tribute to her greatness."

Let's join together in prayer for the soul of Ibu Beth.

Please type your heartfelt messages and prayers in the comment section to honor and remember her as a great scientist, thinker, and remarkable contributor to knowledge and humanity.

May her soul rest in eternal peace...

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