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Inspire Positive Change: Summit Institute for Development (SID) Synergize Sustainably with Partners

The Local NGO with Global Impact is SID's slogan to continue to be committed to providing benefits from every program implemented. SID has the tagline of every activity or program created, namely by Indonesia, from Indonesia, for Indonesia and the world.

Since 2000, Summit Institute for Development (SID) has been a pioneer in research and community development in Lombok, Indonesia. With a focus on community-based studies, SID has succeeded in involving more than 42,000 pregnant women in its efforts to improve the quality of life and welfare of the community (Shankar et al., 2008).

One of SID's most impressive achievements was the discovery that giving multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) can reduce infant mortality by 18% (Shankar et al., 2008). This finding is not only an important milestone in the world of public health, but also a big step in saving the lives of future generations.

Our vision and mission are reflected in SID's commitment to improving public health and human resources. Realizing the vision of SID has several stages, including the: encouraging active community participation, expanding access to information and health services, building a community communication system, and developing human resources as agents of change.

The main key values of SID include data-based decision making, providing an impact on local communities with a quality work having a global relevance, improving human resources, collaborating closely with partners at various levels to ensure program sustainability, and building active community participation.

The SID team is providing health services to the community

Success with SUMMIT which has never been conducted before in any part of the world, a study was carried out continuation of SUMMIT 10 years later called SUMMIT 10-year (S10Y). The S10Y is a SID initiative to assess long-term impacts of Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) on cognitive, socio-emotional development in children 9-12 years whose mothers had been involved in the SUMMIT trial in 2000-2004 (Prado et al., 2017).

This study found long-term benefits of MMS given to pregnant women on children's cognitive development and showed that cognitive development is more influenced by the environment (such as stimulation) than by biomedical factors such as maternal nutritional status, disease, etc. The results of this study were then advocated to the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government which was ultimately implemented as a program to strengthen the foundation of early childhood education and increase the capacity of frontline workers namely NTB Golden Generation (GEN NTB) program.

One aspect that makes SID continue to make a sustainable contribution is its partnership with the local government. In collaborating with partners, SID applies a community-based research approach, use of latest technology at the community level, and increasing human resources in the health sector. This helps ensure that the research and development results produced by SID and partners can be applied widely and sustainably, providing a greater positive impact on society.

With over two decades of experience, SID continues to inspire positive change in Indonesia with various programs that support each other and continue to be improved based on the results of previous programs built and implemented together with partners. This is a real example of how research and community development can bring real benefits to the community who needs it.

The SID team and ILP team are conducting a visit to the Garut Health Service


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