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SELEB Program: Improving Midwives Knowledge and Healthcare Quality Through Evaluation and Training U

Advanced technology can be very beneficial in various sectors, including health. Summit Institute of Development (SID) applies a digital information system to help improve the quality and health care services of health workers especially midwives. Regarding the use of advanced technology, SID recently presented the results of the SELEB Program to the Regional Secretary of West Pasaman.

What is the SELEB Program?

The SELEB Program (Digital Information System for Midwives Knowledge Evaluation and Training) is a midwifery knowledge evaluation system deployed in all regions of Pasaman Barat District using technology based on digital data analysis. This system is integrated with Computer Assisted Test (CAT) with question banks created by experts and the test materials referring to the points of the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 369 / MENKES / SK / III / 2007 concerning Midwifery Professional Standards and the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 97 of 2014 concerning health services before pregnancy, during pregnancy, delivery, and the period after delivery, contraception providers and sexual health services.

The midwives in West Pasaman during the knowledge evaluation

In this system, there are around 500 questions that continue to be developed and consist of 11 important topics that must be mastered by Midwives, such as ANC, Postpartum, Newborn Baby, Family Planning, Professional Ethics, and 6 other topics. The system automatically provides questions with equal difficulty. Of the 500 questions, each midwife will get 3 sets of questions containing 30 questions each. Questions and answer choices are randomized automatically by the system to prevent participants from discussing their answers during the evaluation.

During the presentation, which was also attended by officials and representatives of Bappeda, Inspectorate, BPKD, BKPSDM, Chair of IBI Pasaman Barat District, and all the heads of the Pasaman Barat Puskesmas, the Head of the Pasaman Barat Health Service, Haryunidra, SKM, highlighted the importance of this innovation activity for mapping midwife knowledge as a reference for the Health Office for conducting training and setting the focus of health programs. Through the SELEB program, the mapping of midwives’ comprehension can be done accurately. Therefore, the program can provide feedback for the launching of strategies to train midwives more effectively and efficiently.

“The West Pasaman Health Office has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to improving the quality of health services, hence the initiative to carry out this evaluation. Not limited to the implementation of the Program, the Health Office also invited relevant agencies to present the results of the evaluation. This is very important because improving the quality of health is a shared responsibility”, said Inraini Syah, MPH, Chief Project Officer of SID, showing her great appreciation towards the Government of West Pasaman, in this case, the Health Office, which has become the first Regency in Indonesia to ask SID to evaluate all midwives. In total, 435 midwives have completed the program.

Besides seeing the midwife’s capability in the 11 topics evaluated, the analysis also links the knowledge of midwives with the workload, length of service, age, employment status, educational institutions, and training obtained in the past 1 year.

According to the Head of Public Health Section of the West Pasaman Health Office, Suhandi Lubis, S.Farm., Apt., M.K.M., in the future it is expected that this activity could be carried out routinely and the Health Office in collaboration with SID could create a customized training program, which is a training program based on the needs of individual midwives. Later, after the training, each midwife will be re-evaluated, both in terms of the level of knowledge, as well as the outcome of health services to the community. This activity is also a Change Project proposed by the Head of Public Health Section of the West Pasaman Health Office during the PIM III Training Program at BPSDM West Sumatra.

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