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SID Team Attending The National Health Day Celebration at the North Lombok District Health Office

The Summit Institute of Development (SID) received a direct invitation from the North Lombok District Health Office to attend an event commemorating the National Health Day on November 12, 2019. Satya Sadhu, M.Pd, Hanin Dhanny, S.KM, and Desi Rahmasari, S.Tr.Keb represented SID to attend this event.

National Health Day is celebrated every year to encourage society to develop a culture of healthy living and to leave unhealthy habits or behavior. The momentum of the 55th National Health Day has a main goal as a reminder that the highest degree of community health will be achieved if all components of the nation take part in health initiatives, and campaign for the Healthy Life Society Movement (GERMAS).

The celebration of National Health Day at the North Lombok District Health Office consisted of various events starting with a ceremony. The opening ceremony of the National Health Day was attended by representatives of all primary health care facilities (Puskesmas) in North Lombok, the Bupati’s Office and related agencies as well as NGO who have collaborations with the North Lombok Health Service. The remarks were delivered by the Head of the North Lombok Health Office and representatives of the North Lombok Regent’s office. At the end of the opening ceremony, announcements and awards were given to the staff of Puskesmas who have outstanding work achievements and the event was closed by reading prayers together. After the opening ceremony, a physical exercise event was held with all attendees participating.

One of the highlights of the event in commemorating HKN is the Pregnant Women Class program and a free health check. The Pregnant Women class was attended by health workers in the North Lombok area. The class of pregnant women was led by Mrs. Undar (Head of Maternal and Child Health Section) with three staff from the same section. Pregnant Mothers Class discussed the danger signs in pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, and breastfeeding. Then the event was closed with pregnancy exercises. All participants received a gift containing souvenirs, rice boxes, drinks, and fruits.

Another important activity was the free BPJS service for the guests, so they could renew their deactivated BPJS status and make new BPJS cards. After a prize delivery event and entertainment program by the North Lombok Health Office,.there was an important activity which was a discussion with the Head of the North Lombok Health Service, Mrs. Undar and staff of the Maternal and Child Health section regarding the results of SID’s collaboration with the Health Office in general. The activity was closed by having lunch together.

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