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Summit Institute of Development is a winner from Asia for the innovation awards from Global Financin

“Washington, DC – The Global Financing Facility (GFF) has just announced that Summit Institute of Development (SID) from Indonesia, Asia is one of the five awardees of the innovation awards to save the lives of women, children, and adolescents. This announcement officially released on December 19th, 2019, follows the call for proposal issued in March 2019, which received 320 proposals from 26 eligible countries, including Indonesia.”

As announced on the official website of GFF, the innovation award is part of the Innovation-to-Scale Up initiative for supporting and improving health and nutrition outcomes through tackling the critical problems of maternal and neonatal mortality, especially in low- and lower-middle-income countries. These initiatives supported by GFF’s partnership with Laerdal Global Health, a Norwegian not-for-profit company focused on helping to save the lives of mothers and her newborns.

The five awardees –from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania, Mali, and Indonesia – were competed with 320 proposals from 26 eligible countries and will receive 4US$ – 5US$ million. The awardees selected through a rigorous and long review process. The process chaired by the GFF secretariat, GFF Trust Fund Committee, Laerdal Global Health, Government of Norway, and UNICEF. This review process was done to verify that the innovation is evidence-based, could establish a proof-of-concept, and could be delivered effectively in low-resource conditions that aim to achieve quality.

SID as the only winner in Asia that has proposed an evidence-based innovation by using the Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP) with a system called “Adaptive Network for Care at Scale” (ANCS). This system has 4 (four) components to be integrated. The first component is a patient’s center integrated health system by using the OpenSRP. OpenSRP is an open-source platform that has a client record system and decision-support by using a tablet. This OpenSRP innovation is designed to support the coordination of health care frontlines such as midwives, nutritionists, community health workers (cadres), and PAUD teachers. The system in OpenSRP allows real-time information sharing to help the client in synchronizing the record and monitoring of the data quality, as well as demand-side client incentives.

The second component is a Knowledge Gateway (KG) platform for evaluation and improvement knowledge, decision-making, and capacity of health workers. Through KG, the health care provider will increase their ability and performance on health care. The integrated health system and capacity building also support by the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) system for the incentives of health workers. This system also provides mothers an application that contains health promotion and education to increase their knowledge and awareness on maternal and child health.

All these components in the ANCS system were innovated to tackle a stagnant and high maternal and neonatal mortality rate in Indonesia. With this innovation award, hopefully, SID can produce strong cases of impact on health and nutrition which have a good investment return and integrated into the national health system for its sustainability, eventually saving and improving the lives of mothers and newborns.

Learn more about the Global Financing Facility:

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