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[REVIEW Chapter 7] Nutritional Anemia: Nutritional Anemia in Pregnancy and Lactation

Anuraj H. Shankar, Rina Agustina, and Yuni Setiyawati

Shankar AH, Agustina R, Setiyawati Y (2022) Anemia in Pregnancy and Lactation, in Nutritio
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Nutritional Anemia is a groundbreaking book that delves into the global prevalence and impact of anemia, particularly among women of reproductive age and children. This comprehensive resource aims to shed light on the reasons behind the slow progress in anemia reduction and provide effective strategies to prevent and treat this widespread condition.

The book explores the complex factors contributing to anemia, including insufficient household food security, nutrient deficiencies, inadequate maternal and child care, and genetic polymorphisms. It emphasizes the importance of addressing nutritional deficiencies, particularly iron deficiency, which is the most common cause of maternal nutritional anemia. However, deficiencies in other vital nutrients such as vitamins A, B12, C, D, and E, folate, riboflavin, and copper are also discussed.

Highlighting regional differences in anemia prevalence and the challenges in defining cutoffs during pregnancy and lactation, the book emphasizes the need for precision medicine and precision public health approaches to reduce anemia prevalence. It also explores the impact of overweight and obesity on anemia, genetic factors, and interventions such as iron and micronutrient supplementation.

The book calls for a person-centered approach, the use of digital tools, and local innovations to enhance the effectiveness of interventions. It suggests that addressing nutritional anemia in pregnant and lactating women requires a multifaceted approach, including birth spacing and conditional cash transfers. The importance of multiple micronutrient supplementation over single nutrient supplementation is also highlighted. This is concisely explored in detail in the chapter written by Shankar, Agustina and Setiyawati.

Let us do more to reduce and prevent anemia in pregnancy!

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Nutritional anemia. (2022). In Springer eBooks.

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